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You need a pre-authorized user name and password in order to submit or retrieve patient information. When loggin in for the first time, you will be asked to change the default password to your own private password. If you have difficulty logging on, please e-mail Ivonne Spedalieri at to have yourself enabled again.

If you are working in a public area, such as the library or a reception area, be sure to click "Logoff" before leaving the work station. If you un-check the "Remember Login" box, you will be timed out automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity.
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Welcome to the Internet Home of Alameda Health System Community Access Program Referrals and Appointments.

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Cardiology Referrals
Please note all Cardiology referrals are handled within the clinic. The contact number can be found in the Contacts Tab for verifying the status of referrals submitted.  
Verifying Referral Status
To verify the status of referral for web based RefTrak users, please look up the referral and scroll all the way down to see the referral history. If no actions have been indicated then, please call or email the appropriate referral coordinator within the Contacts Tab. Please do not call the Call Center as they do not process referrals.  
Updated Contacts
The contact section has been updated to better serve you in contacting the appropriate departments and/or staff to assist in referral status and scheduling. Please review and update your informaton.  
GI Procedures Now Available
GI Procedures is now available as a specialty on RefTrak for patients needing a Colonoscopy or Endoscopy. To submit a referral request for these two procedures, the Open Access Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Referral Form must be completed and uploaded to the referral on RefTrak. The form must be included with the referral before referral processing can begin. Please do not fax the form. Link to the Form: Open Access Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Referral Form  

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Users Access Requests
If you desire to become a registered user on RefTrak. Please contact Ivonne Spedalieri via e-mail at All access requests will need to be submitted with our internal IT process. You must have a health related email address before submitting a request.  

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Non-Employee Access Agreement
RefTrak User Guides
RefTrak Tutorial
Consultation Form - Fax Consultation Form to 510-437-5180 (only if you are not a RefTrak user)

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