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Updated Specialty Clinc Hours
The specialty clinic hours were updated to reflect current hours of operations. rev. 8/13/14  

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Clinic Hours Edit

Clinic Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Allergy     1st,2nd, 3rd AM    
Anti-Coagulation PM AM   AM/PM PM
Breast Surgery PM     PM
Cardiology AM/PM PM AM AM/PM PM
Chest   PM      
Dermatology AM/PM     AM/PM  
Ear, Nose, Throat     AM/PM    
Endocrine   PM   AM/PM  
G.I. Clinic PM AM AM AM AM
Hemoc Clinic PM PM PM   AM
Hemoc Infusion Therapy AM/PM PM AM/PM AM/PM AM/PM
Hepatitis C AM/PM     AM/PM  
Minor Surgery         PM
Neurology AM/PM AM AM/PM   AM/PM
Neurosurgery     AM   AM
Ophthalmology AM/PM AM/PM AM/PM AM/PM AM/PM
Orthopedics   AM/PM   AM AM
Ortho - Hand       PM  
Podiatry AM/PM   AM/PM 2nd,4th AM
Podiatry - Surgical       PM  
Renal - Nephrology       PM  
Rheumatology   AM/PM PM   PM
Surgery, General TAC's   AM      
Surgery, Elective AM   AM/PM AM/PM (PRE OP)  
Surgery, General Vascular     PM    
Surgery, Plastic AM        
Surgery, Trauma         AM
Urology     AM/PM   AM/PM 2NDFRI
Wound Healing AM-2PM        

About This Page Edit

This page lists the ACMC Specialty Clinic Schedules.
AM = 8:00am - 12 noon
PM=1:00pm - 5:00pm

News Flash will alert you to any recent changes in the specialty clinic schedules

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